Index Mall is a luxury retail and dining destination, which officially opened in 2019. The mall is beautifully crafted with a contemporary take on the Art Deco period.

In 2018, tīmata was brought on-board by the management team of the mall, to work with them, the interior designers and the interior fit-out team to create a brand that reflected the persona of the destination. We worked closely with all teams involved to take inspiration from what had already been implemented. The final brand guidelines take the reader on a journey through every aspect of the mall’s personality, from logos and typography, through to interior signage and promotional materials.

Index Mall Stationery
Index Mall Business Cards
Index Mall Letterhead

Our custom signage is used throughout the mall and back-of-house. Every sign has been designed to be produced from the highest quality brushed brass, with each piece being individually cut and crafted.

Index Mall Signage
Index Mall Signage

After the soft-opening, as with any mall, there are on-going tasks and adapting scenarios as Index Mall found its feet. Thanks to the guidelines document created, as new tasks arose, the team were able to easily understand the quality that needed to be reached and so, we continue to consult on design, materials and production decisions that effect the brand.

Index Mall Pattern
Index Mall Bags
Index Mall Bottles

tīmata work on the website naturally brings the feelings that the mall evokes online. After designing and developing their website, we are now looking after the longer-term project of regular updates as tenants arrive/leave and events happen throughout the year. Along with this, in mid-2019, we designed and developed their interactive location map which now sits proudly in screens attached to the custom-designed totems within the mall.

By the end of 2019, tīmata became responsible for all digital content creation and visual advertising for the mall. For their one of a kind set of LED screens, we created a beautiful clock reveal animation which plays on the hour every hour, keeping the visitors up-to-date with the time. It also serves an elegant purpose of dividing and offering a breather from the advertising and other promotional videos.