Equitativa Showcase
Equitativa Showcase

Equitativa is a leading regional asset management company that focuses on managing real estate investment trusts (REITs). tīmata has been their preferred creative agency since 2013 and with such a wide range of brands, sub-brands and assets in their portfolio, they definitely keep us busy!

Equitativa Stationery
Equitativa Business Cards
Equitativa Business Cards
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tīmata has worked with the Equitativa group from the grass-roots of creating their brand identity, along with all of the collaterals and stationery needs that come with that, through to designing their exhibition installations and even consulting on the interior design of the assets that they manage. Since 2016, we have also been involved in creating all of their animated screen graphics along with production and post-production editing of their annual and quarterly results announcement films.

Emirates REIT Logo
Residential REIT Logo
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Our work can be seen across their business portfolio, from the logos designed for each of the REITs that they manage and all the way through to the formal stationery needed for each. Our ‘pride and joy’ are the annual and half-year reports that we design for each of the REITs being managed by the group. Every 3 cycles of the report, thanks to their hugely creative-friendly management, we get the chance to redesign the report. This gives each year a fresh look, that is also translated across all of their presentations we design for their sales, acquisitions, finance and asset management teams, who travel the world presenting to various clients and investors.

We have recently completed the latest design and development of the new Equitativa website. This has been in development over the last few years, working closely with their team so that it complements the websites of the REITs. tīmata is currently working on giving each of the buildings their own brand identity along with a website as well as a website for each of the REITs, which will connect back to the ‘master’ Equitativa site.